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Currently, I’m a master’s student in the EECS department at the University of Michigan. Currently, I’m advised by Prof.Liyue Shen in the University of Michigan and I’m also collaborate with Prof.Kun Kuang’s group in Zhejiang University. I got my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and my bachelor’s degree in Finance from Zhejiang University. And I’m also a member of CKC Honors College. During my undergraduate, I was advised by Prof.Kun Kuang in the Department of Computer Science and Technology of ZJU.

My current research interests are Multi-modal Learning/Trustworthy AI/AI for Science currently.


[1] Zhang F*, Shuai Z*, Kuang K, et al. Unified fair federated learning for digital healthcare[J]. Patterns, 2024, 5(1). [Subjournal of Cell Press]

[2] Zitao Shuai and Liyue Shen. 2024. Mitigating Heterogeneity in Federated Multimodal Learning with Biomedical Vision-Language Pre-training. (2024). arXiv:2404.03854 [cs.LG]


In-Context Medical Segmentation

Heteroneneity on Biomedical Multi-Modal Pre-training

Longitudinal Study of Biomedical Vision-Language Pre-training

Unified Fair Federated Learning for Digital Healthcare

Continual Domain Generalization

Internet Comments (nudge)’s Influence on Individuals’ High-level Thinking

Spatio-temporal Data Compression


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